So proud of my laying hens

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    Aug 11, 2014
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    So, I posted at Christmas time that my first hen (Lucy, red sex link at 24 weeks) laid, and she has given us an egg each day since. HUGE eggs--yesterday it was bigger than a jumbo. I'm shocked at how perfect and hard the shells are, as she hadn't had any calcium supplement and was still on grower feed during the first week of laying. NOW my second is laying (at 25 weeks), and I'm 99% sure it's the golden laced Wyandotte. Her eggs are tiny, light pinkish brown and half the size of Lucy's eggs. She is laying nearly every day too. Now waiting on the other three hens (EE, Welsummer and BR). And I AM going to try and re-home my gorgeous BO rooster. He got a little aggressive with me the other day, for the first time. Scared the beejeezus outta me! He just ran up and tried to jump up face on. I think I scared him back though, and he hasn't tried that since. He normally runs from me. But a neighbor commented on crowing starting to be annoying. Don't really blame her. Using a crow collar which helps a little and I hate to part with him as he is really handsome--going to try TC Country in Canton and see if they'll take him for re-homing.[​IMG]
    This is Omelet the roo with his best girlfriend, Lucy. I let them free range for an hour or so before roost time. Lucy get's VERY serious about her worm & grub forages! Even though Omelet 'interrupts' her constantly with his 'affections' LOL
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    Congrats on your new eggs![​IMG]Sorry to hear about your rooster!

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