So relieved!

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6 Years
Aug 7, 2013
Western Massachusetts
We are almost positive that one of our 5 six week old chicks is a roo. Bummed as I think it's going to be a really pretty bird although my hardest to handle. Can't have a roo in our neighborhood so I've been starting to try to figure out how to rehome him. Just spoke to the breeder that we happened to get that and one other chick from. He is willing to take a rooster back! Yay - No more stress about what will happen to little Hedwig! His recommendation was that we wait until 10 weeks as sometimes it turns out to be a pullet after all. I doubt that will happen but willing to hope.

Just so relieved that I don't have to hunt for someone to take a rooster!
That's very nice of your breeder to do that. I wish more of them would. It's always hard to part with a chick you have made a pet of, and at least this way you know he is in good hands. Here's hoping that Hedwig is just a precocious pullet.

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