so....runner duck?


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Mar 23, 2012
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So...I posted before as we had got an assorted set of duckling from my daughters 2nd grade class. We knew they were all purebred as they came from a hatchery just didnt know what breeds we got out of the hatching eggs. The one we were sure was a peking due to coloring...all yellow ducking with orange bill...well I dont think we have a peking! She stands up way taller then our other 3 (2 mallards and blue swedish), Is now at 4 weeks and hasnt gained alot of weight as we thought a peking should, runs standing practically straight up and now her feathers are growing in only part of them are white...the others are a tannish color in her chest and around her eyes. I looked up pics of indian runner ducklings and by golly i think we have an exact match!

Your thoughts???

It appears you have a Fawn and White
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The buff/white and the gray/white look like Runners, I don't know what the black one is. They're very cute and look like they'll be beautiful ducks.

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