SO SAD crippled chick


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Jan 11, 2008
East TN
I want to say thank you to all BYC members for posting your stories. I am new to raising chickens and I have depended on all of you for advice. Even if i don't post a question I usually find the answer because someone else had had the same problem. So now for the sad part.

I had a batch of chicks hatch last week lost one a couple of eggs didn't hatch and the rest looked normal. But a few hours later I noticed that one of the little ones was having trouble standing up. I checked BYC and found advice as to how to try and help it. Well that didn't work so I didn't know what to do next although I knew that I should end it's suffering because by this time it just flopped around and peeped. So I refered to BYC again and found a post on how to end the suffering. I cried but I knew it was for the best.

It is not suffering anymore.

ThanK You Again

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