SO sad, I feel pathetic...but its kind of funny... ugh!

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    So we were watching Criminal Minds last night. Right at the exciting part I had to sneeze. It was just a little one, so I thought "instead of sneezing right during the climax of the show, I will just sniffle a bit to kill the itch" I did sniffle, just a bit, and threw out a rib!!! I am 25 freakin years old and threw out a rib by sniffling!!! I didnt sleep all night and cant lift my arms or turn my head now, good thing my jobs isnt demanding! Its the most embarassing injury I have even sustained... but it was funny enough that I had to share.....[​IMG] <-- btw, I cant physically do that with my arms while saying "gaaaah!" because it would hurt.
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  2. Sorry for your pain. [​IMG] But that is kinda funny.
  3. ranchhand

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    Having broken so many ribs I've lost count, I sympathize. [​IMG]

    It hurts a lot. If you have to cough or sneeze, back yourself into a corner and wrap your arms over you ribs, it provides support. Or hug a pillow tightly.

    It sounds like you may have just torn the tissue- take it VERY easy, because without the muscle support the ribs are far more likely to actually break. Then you won't be able to breathe, much less type! More [​IMG] !
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    Quote:OWIE.... hope it doesn't hurt to bad. [​IMG]
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    On the plus side that was a really GOOD episode!!!!!
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    cant....stop....laughing!!!! [​IMG] i am really sorry it happened but...... [​IMG]
  7. sparkles2307

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    It was good, I even stopped reading my book a few times to REALLY watch. I usually do both at once and keep up with the story just fine, but it was intense last night. Not as good as my season finale of House, I didnt cry last night... but seriously, this hurts and my chiro is on a cruise!

    ETA: and yes, yes it is funny.
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