So sad - Only 1 Baby Duck


11 Years
Jul 6, 2008
Central Oregon
I had 14 crested blue swedish eggs and only one has hatched. Yesterday was 28 days. I have very little hope for the rest as there is no activity on any of them today. I will leave them in the bator a few more days and hope and pray. Now I am worried about my little one being too lonely all by himself. I just tried Craig's list to look for a companion for him but didn't find one and our local feed stores are done doing chicks and ducks for the year.

How cute!!!!

I just hatched out some more bcms yesterday and I had trouble with them. I only have one left after hatching 4 out and the rest made it to full term, pipped the membrane but not the shell and died.......Toughie...these were from a really good breeder too.


If you have a local party line (where people call up a radio station for a buy/swap/sell hour) and try that. Hope you find him a buddy....he is so sweet looking

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