so thoughts...add artificial light or let them have a vacation.....


10 Years
Jun 29, 2011
Emerson, New Jersey
just curious as to thoughts about this. This is my first year with the girls and I have added a 60 watt bulb to give them the eggstra light they need to keep laying, but now I'm wondering, should I give them the break? Will they molt? Do I want them to molt? Will I have to buy store bought eggs in the winter? lol.... just would like to get feedback from both I said, first time on my own with chickens.
My flock lays eggs as GIFTS for me, although I do sell some of the eggs. That is, I didn't get them FOR their egg-laying abilities. Because of that, I don't meddle with artificially increasing hours of light during the winter. They do what they naturally do, lay or not.

But that's me.
I added light for a couple weeks, but then I decided that I should keep things as natural as possible. If that means fewer eggs for a few months, then that's okay. So I turned off the lights and let them live naturally.
I added lights to my pen. Im glad I did. With over 20 hens, and 6 ducks, feed is waaaaaayyyy to expensive to not be getting eggs, not to mention 6 children and a hubby that need their breakfasts, plus baking for the holidays, etc... no qualms about expecting my hens to produce for us since we feed them everyday. No way Im buying feed, buying bedding, cleaning up, running water, etc, etc, and not getting eggs! But I do keep the ones that just wont lay in the winter, i know they will start up again in the spring.

Production nearly stopped around the start of fall, added lights and production is back up. I feed very well to help them through the cold winter while laying though.

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