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    Mar 24, 2011
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    I posted this on our local news networks site...wink news....they are great for all this kind of stuff and regularly help people get refunds on shoddy work and scams

    This story is not just for us but for all the people here in lee County who want to keep a few chickens in their backyard. In these hard times what better gift than a few eggs for the kids to eat for breakfast! They will actually get to see where eggs really come from and enjoy something healthy (no hormones) passed along to eat. Chicken keeping has really changed through the years and coops like mine in the picture are just a small example of how nice a coop can look. There are a zillion examples of nice Urban coops shown on and a wealth of info on how to care and raise chickens.

    My coop is not finished yet as I was reported for 1. having chickens in the first place and 2. building a coop with no permit. My research into those kind of violations has disclosed at least 10 violations this month alone! I am working on the permit and thankfully found an engineer who offered to do the drawings and stamp them for free (thankyou David Shumate!) My daughter and I are on SSD and she has mental health problems. The ONLY reason she goes outside is to attend and see to her Silkies (pic attached) She hatched them from eggs and kept them in her bedroom until the coop was mostly done and they were old enough to go outside.

    The neighbor has reported to Code enforcement how often she goes outside already! I mean really......she knows he is watching her and now doesn\\'t want to go out at all again!
    There is zero smell from from our coop and the noise factor is minimal compaired to barking dogs, who also poop 4 times as much as chickens and transmit more diseases than chickens. Even if I had a rooster the noise would be less and chickens sleep all night (not bark all night) The hens only make a little noise when they lay an egg..thats IT! and ours are not even of laying age yet.

    Chickens are SO cute! You can see each one\\'s personality and they like to be hugged and eat out of your hand, they eat bugs from your garden and provide excellent fertiliser...they are the best thing to watch after a hard day so you can relax and laugh at their antics. We have so much sand in Fl we need fertiliser! LOL I have started a compost heap and all the shavings and kitchen scraps go on it and the garden we would like to plan.

    Please help us get our chickens legal ...Thankyou!

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