So which should I assume....?

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    Jul 14, 2010
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    I have 3 dominique pullets I hatched on January 27 2011. Of the 3 only one had started laying a week and a half ago (late bloomers?). I do not know which girl as they all look very much alike and I never caught one in the nest box. So, this girl has been laying an egg every other day since. Like clockwork, every other day. She layed yesterday (still don't know which of the 3 she is) so imagine my surprise when I had an egg today too! Again, whoever layed was quick, nobody in nest box when I checked. So....should I assume it was the original layer or one of her two sisters finally started? Had I gotten two eggs in one day I would know I had two layers now... I tried the whole "distance between pelvic bones" trick but they all three feel the same... Any ideas who gets the title of layer today? Original layer or new girl? Guess I may know tomorrow if I have two eggs, but if it is a new girl today laying and she follows her sister's example, I will only get one egg tomorrow too as the new layer would skip tomorrow and lay Wednesday... [​IMG]
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    I think one of her sisters finally stepped up to bat [​IMG] I think you'll have it figured out by the end of the week
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    Thanks so much for responding! I've not checked for eggs yet today, so I don't know if I have any from the dominiques yet, but they seem to wait until late afternoon (?) to lay... [​IMG]
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    Another option if you have 2 eggs today is that girl #3 started laying as well and just happens to be on the same schedule as the first one. Fingers crossed for you that they are all finally getting the idea!
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    Aug 25, 2008
    Sounds like they're beginning to get the idea!

    As far as who is who, put legbands on them. I had 8 BRs I couldn't tell apart until I put colored zip ties on them. [​IMG]

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