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  1. First of all i'd like to start of by saying I wasn't to sure were to post something about wild I chose here [​IMG]

    Well yesterday morning I started of by hearing quite a nasty sound-it was a wild bird call and something was wrong but by the sounds (I was inside) it was just a bird passing by

    Later that evening I heard the same noise but just once, I decided to put on my shows and go have a look *i am a outback people so i don't live in town* As I approached the long grass a mama bird saw me and started cheeping softly to something I heard an answer back and finally approached a helpless little baby bird.

    Now most people say: don't touch it you should of left it!! so before you say that keep in in mind i am a professionals and wildlife career..

    Now this bird couldn't walk and was cheeping softly, he obviously fell out of the nest..

    I made up protein food (well wild bird food that mimics the mums food but it has protein and vitamins ) and fed him after a few hours and he is plenty hydrated ...its now day 2 and he is managing to keep his eyes open and is moving a little more [​IMG]after 24 hours of sleep

    My question is if I soak chick starter and add that to his feed that i give to him would that kill him? this i don't know as i have never tried it but ...i figure he needs the protein that comes from non-medicated chick stater


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    Chickstarter is good complete nutrition. IMO I would do it.
    You don't know how much I admire peeps who do such as you are doing. [​IMG]

    Also WISHING YOU BEST. and [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]

    Aww thanks![​IMG]

    I think I'll try it t[​IMG] Best yet hes sitting up and begging for food like they should be![​IMG]were as the day before I had to force feed him

    Whoops sorry for the spelling mistakes in my first post[​IMG]


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  4. So I have made a complete new mix most of it Is soaked chick starter (to thicken it [​IMG]) and the I put in a mixture that you would feed to birds that you take of their mothers (its a dry mix)

    So its all mixed together and looks great! [​IMG]

    Question is this will not kill what looks like a baby frog mouth bird?

    Thanks im just double checking [​IMG]


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    If you saw the mom, chances are the nest is nearby. The best thing to do is see if you can find the nest. If you cannot find the nest, you can stick the baby in a cozy little bowl and mom and dad will find it and feed it if you leave the bowl in a good spot near the original nest.

    If you cannot do that, you should call your nearest wildlife rehab center as it is illegal to raise wild birds (except for starlings, pigeons, and sparrows). Baby birds can be quite complex to raise and this is best accomplished by a professional. Not only do they need proper food, but there is a high risk of aspiration and they also need adequate warmth.

    In the meantime (while waiting for a wild life rehabber) the best food for the baby is soaked hard dog food. It should be soaked just enough that you can break it a part but not so much that it is total mush. You can feed bits and pieces every one-two hours to the baby, but remember never to force open the mouth.

    If you post a location, members here may be able to help you find a bird rehabber close to you.
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  6. Just to inform you we are wildlife carers, have permits and are wildlife rehabs [​IMG](as we release many many joeys and birds!)

    I appreciate your information but I do know what to do as we are professionals ...but I had never tried soaked chick starter ....


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    In that case, I would avoid using chick starter because the protein level is not quite high enough for babies like that. Chick starter is about 18% protein whereas most common dog foods I looked up are somewhere around 25% crude protein on average.

    I would probably stick with your normal protocols, as the other risk you run with chick starter is aspiration.
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    The local wildlife rehab told me to use soaked dry dog food. That is what they use. I have personally raised a lot of baby birds on dog food. I don't think chick starter has a high enough protein content.
  9. Chick starter has been doing fine[​IMG] But of course I have other variety's of food and other mixes due to all my other baby birds![​IMG](Remember we live in different places so our bird species are different)

    I appreciate your opinion though and good luck! [​IMG]
  10. Sorry I forgot to add that only a small protein of chick starter goes into specific bird feed..

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