SOAKING wet and the weather is cool


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Mar 2, 2011
One of my hens was chased into the pond today. Miraculously, she swam across and got out. The sun is close to setting and it's been a relatively cool day (high 60s) but as the sun sinks so are the temps. She's really freaked out and won't let me near her right now. But, I'm really worried about her being that soaked overnight. Once she makes her way to the coop should I nab her and try to dry her? How do I dry her? Thanks!
Thank you so much, I was thinking a hair dryer but wasn't sure. I appreciate the feedback!
First of all after she huddles up with the rest of the hens on the roost she'll preen herself & dry out quickly, if she hasn't done so already. She won't stay wet all night.
You ever heard that expression "madder than a wet hen?" Snatch her off the roost and start blowing her with a hair dryer and you'll see what it means! ;)
I went down there about 10 minutes before the sun was completely set and I couldn't even figure out which one was wet because all the girls were huddled together and all I could see was their butts mostly. None of them looked at all soaked. So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that between the flock keeping her warm and her own preening that she'll be alright. I checked the weather and it's supposed to get as low as 53 degrees, so that's not super cold. I was just really freaked out about watching my girl fly into the middle of the pond. I'm sure she's going to be just fine. :)
In ky, where the rain just won't stop. Brand new to raising chickens. They all got soaked today but didn't seem to mind. Being the overprotective person that I am I gathered them up in the coop and towel dried them and turned on the sweeter heater. They began preening before I left the coop. Temp. is supposed to drop tonight from high 50's today to high 30's. Did I do enough???

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