*sob* I had to buy eggs.

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  1. My egg production is at an all-time low, and last night, I actually had to buy eggs.
    Not a high point in my chicken career.

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    [​IMG] I've been there. Its so hard to buy eggs at the store when you know you should have plenty at home! I always stand there thinking : do I really need eggs this week, I could just wait a week or so. Do you have a light in the coop? I'm in between flocks right now, sold off older and raising up younger birds. I have almost all young adult and our of 20 hens, I only have 4 that are laying.
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    But wow, your mamma hen and chicks are looking great! So cute. Only about 3-4 months and you should be flooded with eggs!
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    I'll be joining you this week. We've got one girl in the process of recovering from a hard molt, two others that are half bald, and another who is just starting to leave some feathers about. We've been down to 0-2 eggs/day for almost a month and have exhausted the little bit of an egg reserve that we had to help get us through their molts.

    Ah well, what can you do? [​IMG]

  5. I have been playing that "Do I really need eggs, today?" game since the beginning of August. Of course I had a few in reserve at that point.
    I have 9 hens: 1 Broody Mum, raising the future of the flock, 3 who have just finished up moulting and should be starting to lay again at any moment, 4 who give me one between them, a day and one who lays almost every day.
    The whole lot of them are having a rest and when they are done, they will lay again.
    It is just so hard to have to pay for those pale anemic eggs from the store when I have gorgeous hens at home.
    Thanks for the hug!
  6. Thank you! Yes, they are 8 weeks old, today, so yes, they are about 12 weeks from action. By then, everyone will be finished with their rest and be laying again. I will have more eggs than I know what to do with!
  7. Just wait, and be glad to let Nature do Her thing. I want the hens to give me eggs and company for a long time, so I am trying to be patient.
    It is just hard, tho.
    Hang in there, as well!

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