Society finch color?


7 Years
Mar 3, 2012
Winchester, Ontario
I have this pretty society finch that I am unsure of the color. I "adopted" her and her mate from someone off the internet who wasn't interested in them. I've had her for a year and I think she was fairly young when I first got her. Anyway, any help would be great!
A few days after I had gotten her a year ago:

Taken today with her mate:
I know this is an old post, but creamino was my first thought as well, although it looks like the bird might also have white flecks (i.e., be creamino and pied). The picture makes it hard to tell.
Thanks! Not sure what she is but she's pretty and sitting on an egg currently :)
Got her off of someone who posted her with her mate and two female zebra finches for free including their cage a year ago in november. They're awesome little pets and other than being messy I'd recommend them to anyone.
I do, too. They're great little birds. They're an excellent pet for elderly people or anyone who lives alone. Easy to care for, always chipper, and cute as heck.

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