Soft and oddly shaped eggs.

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    This has been going on for maybe about a week. Some of the girls are laying eggs that are hard on all sides but one, and that side is so brittle that when you touch it, it cracks. That side also tends to be very flat. Today, we walked out in the run and under their ramp, there was a soft egg. No shell at all just the membrane. We are feeding them Layena Sunfresh Recipe and have been for about a month. The youngest girls are about 9 months old and some are just starting to lay so that might be the problem. Some are also starting to moult. How long should we wait to really be worried about it? They have oyster shell available, and we bring them the lawnmower clippings once a week so they can dig through it. Out lawn is not treated with any pesticides or fertilizers.

    Wanted to add that their oyster is free choice and it never seems like they are eating it.
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