Soft Egg...No Shell!??


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Mar 14, 2014
My hen laid an egg late this afternoon that was without a shell. What could cause this and what do I need to do?

Yes I add oyster shell everyday and the other hen is laying great eggs... This hen has never had a problem until today
If your hens don't like the oyster shell or theyre too big of rocks to eat you can try mixing it up with something they like. Fruit, cooked eggs. Or I feed them back the egg shells by crushing them and mixing some up with their food
We have gotten those once in a while. Just one in the midst of normal eggs. In my own small backyard flock, and my Dad did too in his small flock. We just make sure they're getting enough calcium, like having oyster shells available, and usually without any changes, the next day she lays a perfectly normal egg again with a nice strong shell. If it repeats this constantly, I would ask about the calcium. But I think an occasional "oops" egg is normal. :) I'm not an expert though, and have only a couple years experience of keeping egg layers, so I'm open to be corrected. But that's our experience.

Hope this helps you!

If those two don't work either she might have a reproductive issue. If you search some threads on here it goes more into depth on those possibilities. Which I hope isn't the case at all!
One of my 3 isa brown hens (8 months old) lays soft shell from time to time. After cooking her some eggs with crushed egg shell shes fine.

Though I have seen a mixed review on flock owners either giving crushed egg shells back to the chickens while others wont. Its all a personal preference. Ive had no issues when Ive done that Ive actually had more success than the thick Oyster shell rocks.
Could stress have anything to do with laying soft shells?

I just got three new pullets who I didn't think were even laying yet and I was surprised by a soft shelled egg today. I admit I haven't been giving oyster shell so it might just be a lack of calcium, but I was wondering if since they are stressed from changing homes if that could affect the egg shell.
Ok, thank you everyone! I will keep an eye on her and hope for normal egg laying tomorrow. She hasn't had anything change so Jim hoping it's just a rare happening. I'm going to try the egg shells too... Funny that my father in law just told me about doing that yesterday (I thought he was crazy)... But maybe not. :rolleyes:

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