Soft egg shells - for a long time


7 Years
Oct 28, 2012

We are having a problem with our chooks. We have two Isa Browns, they are about 1.5 years old. They have been good layers.

One now is laying eggs with a soft shell and often they are broken or eaten when we collect them. This has been happening since we went on holidays a month ago. Whilst we were away our neighbours feed the chooks.

I think she is also eating the other chooks eggs, which are formed properly. Or perhaps that chook is also laying less.

We feed them a grain mix and scraps from our kitchen.

About 2 weeks ago I added a container of shell grit (I think that's the same as oyster shells, I live in Sydney, Australia). I used to crush about 60% of their own eggs shells and feed them to them.

I put in two golf balls a few weeks ago to deter them from cracking their own eggs.

We don't worm our chooks.

They live in a coop for for 4 chooks and have a run about 10m2 with soil and trees in it.

Can anyone help with how to fix the soft shell eggs and also how to stop them eating the eggs.

Kind regards,

Add calsium to the food as it normally is calsium shorthage causing shoft shell eggs. The grit will also assist but takes longer to address the problem.

As for the eating of eggs, this is a habit you will struggle to get rid of. Dummy eggs migt do the trick.


Some people do some sort of powder. A quick way I add calcium, since I only have four chickens myself, is by feeding them food rich is calcium. Yogurt is the favorite of my crew. The first time i gave them yogurt, It took a few minutes for them to realize that I wasn't putting them on when I said here chick, chick, chick and put down a big bowl of yogurt. It is always fun to watch them try new foods.
I can get crushed oyster shells at my grain store. I have a feeder full of oyster shells in their pen so they can free feed on it as they want.
Morning. Calsium (Cals-UP) a calsium powder available in SA. make the food damp (not wet) and sprinkle the powder onto the food.

You can repeat this once a day for about a month. You should also keep feeding grit to esure that the calsium levels will be maintained in their bodies.



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