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    Apr 22, 2013
    I have 11 hens that all I believe are laying, but the last few days I have had soft eggs and only 3 or 4 in the nesting box. I notice these soft splatter eggs under their roost in the coop. I am not exactly sure which 1 or 2 are laying theses splatter eggs while on the roost. My hens free range 75% of the day and get plenty of calcium. My driveway is all crushed clam and oyster shell and is readily available. I also sometimes add crushed oyster shell to their layer pellet. Any advice here would be very much appreciated
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    - Stress. Physical stresses, environmental stresses or nutritional stresses can all interfere with shell pigmentation;

    - Exposure to sunlight and high temperatures can produce a fading effect on the shell

    - Certain diseases, such as Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, avian influenza, egg drop syndrome;

    - Exposure to very high temperatures and extremely high or low humidity levels;

    - An infestation of internal or external parasites, such as worms, mites or lice;

    - Stress prompting the hen to lay an egg prematurely, before the shell is formed;

    - Egg laying while molting;

    - Exposure to toxins, such as mold, fungi, bacteria.

    here are some probable causes hope you find the solution

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