Soft or no shelled eggs

My female pekin has been laying soft or no shelled eggs for about a week. Can anyone help me on to why?
When you say no shelled eggs, do you mean she has yellowish egg yoke coming out her vent? If so, this is not good and just like a broken egg shell from lack of calcium can cause her an infection and she will get really sick and possibly die if not addressed in time. May need to flush her vent also?

An oral dose of Calcium Gluconate might be a good first step to help boost her calcium level quicker over Oyster shells.

@Miss Lydia and @Isaac 0 , are better qualified to help you with this condition and will be able to link you the correct information on how to give Calcium Gluconate orally the correct way.

Best of luck. :)
Information pertaining to the hen's age, her current diet, if she is being offered a calcium supplement, and what kind of environment she is being housed in would be helpful.

During the first few weeks of hens laying cycle, it is not uncommon for them to lay soft-shelled, or abnormal-shaped eggs. This is often just them trying to get their system figured out, and will usually resolve with time. If your bird just started laying, I would only suggest making sure she's on a feed such as All Flock, and have a calcium source such as Oyster shells nearby. Calcium is an important mineral as it helps form a strong eggshell, as well as increases muscle contractions the bird can make while expelling the egg.

If your bird is older, or maybe you feel she may benefit from an oral dose of calcium, you could pick up some calcium gluconate 23%, and dose her 1ml orally, every day. Alternatively, crush one tums up, mix it in with some water, and drip a few drops into her mouth. This is something more common with Psittacines, but a vitamin D deficiency can cause soft-shelled eggs since their body needs vitamin D to form absorbable calcium.

If your duck is housed inside someplace perhaps where the UV rays aren't reaching her body (too buffered down by glass), you should consider a vitamin D deficiency as well, and administer both in conjunction.

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