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May 18, 2009
I have just gotten my first eggs from one of my BR's, shell has been nice and hard with the three I have gotten so far. This morning I went into the coop and found an empty soft shelled egg on the coop floor. All other eggs have been laid in the nest box. They are still on grower crumbles as I have not been to feed store to get layer crumbles yet. I was waiting for more than one to start laying and I just bought the 50lb. bag a couple of weeks ago. I plan to get some oyster shell later today for them.

My question is, is this from my girl that has been laying or do you think it is the first attempt of another girl? The one that has been laying seems to lay in the late morning or afternoon. This is my first time with chickens and am just wondering.
Could be either. It's perfectly normal to get soft shelled eggs occasionally.

Congrats on the eggs.

You can start them on layer feed before they start to lay.....sometime around 17 weeks is ok. If you got soft shelled eggs all the time then I would be concerned but it sounds like your chickies are off to a great start!!!
Thank you both for your replies. I bought some oyster shell and some layer crumbles and have started mixing the crumbles in with the grower feed. I just got home from work and my oldest son ran out the door with today's egg in his hand. Hard shelled and laid in the nest box. I just can't wait until the other 5 girls start to lay too.

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