Soft Shelled Egg With Large Black Spots

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  1. fluffita

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    Jan 18, 2016
    So I have a hen that has been laying some odd eggs. She lays soft shelled/no shelled eggs quite often, and is also very old, at the age of 6. She only lays an egg about every couple of weeks or so, 75% of them being soft. They do get oyster shell, I feed back the shells of eggs, plus extra calcium in her pellets, but still soft eggs. Lately though, the eggs have been lacking in a yolk. They are only whites, and seem to have some strange black dots in them. It looks like a black blood spot. There are always two, as well. I should also mention that she is starting to feel her age, moping around, eating less, weaker than normal. She is probably going to have to go soon.[​IMG] But I am curious as to what the black things/ no yolk/soft eggs are caused by. Could that be causing the moping? Unfortunately she has not laid in a while, so no pictures. Please help, she is my favorite!
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    Her reproductive system is probably shutting down. She's probably in a state similar to menopause. Her shell gland obviously isn't functioning well and she's shedding some of the oviduct lining which is probably the dark stuff.
  3. MyChickenCookie

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    Jun 21, 2016
    She is probably not going to continue laying, it sounds. But just to make sure, can you tell me how old you think she is and her breed?

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