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11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
I posted yesterday about one of my chickens, trying to figure out if she is broody or ill. the response I got makes me think she is broody. The weird thing is that today when I went to collect eggs there were two eggs on the ground of the coop leaking with really soft shells. Now I don't know if the chicken I was concerned about yesterday, is the one that layed these eggs or if it's one of the other chickens. So I guess my question is does anyone knw what may cause the soft shelled eggs? Should I be concerned?
What are you feeding your birds? Sometimes they will lay a dud, but since you've had more than one "dud", it sounds like you may have a feeding issue.
You must feed them free choice oyster shell (for calcium) along with free choice layer pellets/mash. For roosters, give them the option of a feed like Flock Rasier, which has no calcium. The hens will eat the oyster shell when they feel they need it.
If you feed a lot of treats, limit them. If you feed scratch, stop.
You can also feed them their egg shells for extra calcium. Make sure they are dry, crush them up into tiny pieces, and mix with a favorite treat.

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