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    Jun 7, 2016
    So I have these two hens. They, or at least one of them are just starting to lay at about 8-9 months old(due to winter I am sure) They were advertised as Ameraucana but I am pretty sure after researching they are Easter eggers. No biggie we just wanted some colored eggs. Over the last couple of weeks we have gotten 2 extra large greenish blue eggs, 2 small more blue eggs one of which had a pretty soft shell you could crack by tapping a fingernail on it. Those 4 were in the nesting boxes. We also got 2 eggs which seemed normal but were laid in the coop and we didn't catch them before they froze solid and broke open and the chickens started picking at them(these were the first 2) so I just through them out without really looking at them. They may have been soft shelled. Then the last 2 days we have had 2 that had no shell just a membrane but were still tinted greenish blue(6 year old daughter is convinced a leprechaun left them...perfect for St patty's since they are green!). Since it is still cold out and I am a wimp I haven't been hanging outside and watching them I am not sure who is laying what although I have seen them both in the nesting boxes...more so one than the other, I have actually only seen Howleen in there once but Draculaura is in there a lot when I go out...Yes my daughter loves Monster High=-) I am just wondering if there is anything I can do to help. They get layer feed and there is usually oyster shell separate. They free range for an hour or 2 when it is decent now that the snow is going away some. I give scraps but not a ton and a lot is protein.
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    Hi! Hens just starting to lay still have to get into a routine, so it is normal to see some soft shelled eggs. I'm not sure if it is more common in different breeds, but my BRs started out just fine, while one of my ameraucanas laid 5 shell-less eggs in a row before starting to lay eggs with shells. As long as they have access to oyster shell, then there isn't a real need to worry. If it continues for an extended time period, though, then you may want to look into it. Good luck!!!
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