Soft shelled eggs?


12 Years
Sep 12, 2007
Collinsville, MS
We have a variety of chickens that we have had since chicks and they all started laying about a month ago. During the night two of them layed soft shelled eggs. This happened a few weeks ago too?
Any idea why this might have happened?
Usually my girls egg shells are very hard. We frequently throw some to our dogs and they don't even break, you have to tap it with your foot to get it to break. Is this normal or is something missing from their diet?
Thanks in advance for your help.
My girls some times does that also. Some times they are low on calcium. If they have acess to oyster shell and are getting Layer feed they should be ok. Some times things have to work them selves out especially with new layers.
Also check them VERY carefully for mites, if they are on the same food and suddenly start laying soft shells that could be from being robbed of the nutrients necessary for the eggs to form properly. I just recently had the same problem and now that the mites are cleared up I am not longer getting soft shells. You can add calcium in different ways. Oyster Shell is a good one, leave it out free choice. I give them oatmeal mixed with yogurt it is good for the gut and has lots of calcium too.
Thank you for your replies, I have heard about the oatmeal and yoghurt before. How do I prepare that? And I presume just plain yogurt?
Thank you. Jenny

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