Soft shells?


13 Years
Jul 26, 2007
Mount Shasta, CA
One of our hens consistently lays eggs so thin that they break - possibly when another hen gets in the box to lay. If the egg does survive, it frequently has an end that is soft to the touch, and more easily cracked open than the rest of our eggs.

We have a seperate feeder with oyster shell, we regularly grind up all of our used eggs (from the kitchen) and add them to the regular feeder, so those are 2 sources of calcium.

Is there anything else we need to do?

I remember some folks adding vinegar to their water. What's that for?


12 Years
Aug 28, 2007
Stillwater, NJ
How old are they? Have they always done this? Are you feeding layer feed?

From what I have read, the calcium in their egg shells is not the same as getting calcium from feed or oyster shell, I have read that it is very hard for them to break down in their systems so you are not getting much calcium by adding egg shells.

If it is calcium absorption, I would recommend a daily vitamin/mineral suppliment like avia charge 2000.

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