Soft Thin Egg Shells

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  1. We have three six-month old hens. We have been getting one good egg a day for a couple weeks and now we just started getting a second egg this week. However, the second egg is soft like a water balloon; the second had a little cord on the end. We started feeding layer feed and pullet-sized crushed oyster shell at just over five months, so not sure why this is happening. From past forum posts it seems normal in young chickens, but we are wondering if there is some other supplements we can use to improve the situation. Thanks.

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    I have my girls for over a year and have never found a soft egg. But we give our girls yogert every week, and lots of fruits and veggies. Heck my girls shells are real are. Try yougert and calcium rich veggies. We give our girls a treat every day, either calcium in the way of yougert, or veggies.

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