SOLD- - 25 Started True Rumpless Tufted Araucana Chicks LF, NH


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11 Years
Sep 17, 2008
Massena NY
I will be moving in about 4 day's and can not bring all of my bird's.(not enough coop space)most of these chicks are 6-8 weeks old colors are black,white,blue, splash - most are either rumpless and tufted and rumpless and clean faced -parents are on premisis , If I had more time they would be on but I don't so I will offer them here . Price is $8.ea for 1-5, $7.ea for 6-10 and $5.ea if you would like them all , This is a great chance to aquire a rare breed, _Pick up Only_ Pm me for more info, Thank You Leo
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