Sold as Cinnamon Queens but what ARE THEY??? Better pics


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Mar 21, 2013
~~I bought 10 of these girls from a chick days at a local feed store. I asked for Cinnamon Queens.... I do not find any pics of Cinnamon Queen chicks that look like these.

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I agree...I can't get your photo to enlarge to see closely, but they look like Brown Leghorn or possibly Welsummer or even Speckled Sussex. If they are smaller than the average chick, they may even be OEGB.

Lady of McCamley
I have Cinnamon Queens and you most definitely do NOT! Sorry. I would upload a pic but it won't work from my phone. As chicks they are a cream/white with red on them. No stripes.
Again I can't get your photos to enlarge...but if they have beige pink legs and those spots stay in the maturing feathers, they are Speckled Sussex.

I've had some transitional spots show up in my Welsummers, but they will grow out as the more mature feathers come in...and usually Welsummers will have yellow legs while the Speckled Sussex will have the beige/pink.

Leghorn will have yellow legs and get a white earlobe...Welsummer will have a red earlobe....and both of those look pretty close in partridge coloring as they mature...the Leghorn more muted brown while the Welsummer will have more of a red hue...especially on the breast, which in the girls turns salmon.

Buy KNOW they aren't Cinnamon Queens...which is another name for Red Stars/Red Sexlinks etc. Those chicks are yellow with golden red (fox) overtones on their heads and backs....but never striped. The males of those are plain yellow.

Maybe you got lucky and got Welsummers who will lay lovely dark eggs?

Lady of McCamley

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