Sold to me as a Speckled Sussex, what are they?


5 Years
Mar 24, 2014
Chesapeake, VA
The black hens in the pictures were sold to me as Speckled Sussex but I don't think they are. I'm wondering if they're Barnevelders or maybe something else? Thanks so much!

The pullet with pale legs is indeed a Speckled Sussex, and the one with yellow legs is likely a Barnevelder judging by the double lacing. Though it could be a Dark Cornish judging by the comb.
Beautiful birds! :)
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I did know that the one with pale legs was a Speckled Sussex even though she was sold to me as a Buff Brahma
This lady did all sorts of lying. Oh well. So here's a better shot of one of the ones in question, the 2 I have are pretty identical:

Thanks everyone! I was thinking Barnevelder as well. So does anyone know much about this breed because I know nothing about them except that they're rare. Are they good layers? Good with kids? Skiddish? Thanks!

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