Solid White Ameraucana/EE Trio - N. NV & N.CA


11 Years
Sep 15, 2008
Big Sur, CA
Solid white EE trio
Parents: Blue/Wheaton Ameraucana Roo & White EE Hens
I don't think they would breed true???, but I'm sure you'll get quite a few whites...eggs were all green (mint to olive).
This was my first time incubating, so there are some crooked toes, nothing serious. The rooster is very nice. One pullet is very nice. Then there are two hens which each have a slight imperfection. One has great leg color, but has a crooked toe. The other has more yellow-green legs, but nice straight toes. They were hatched April 6th.
I travel to CA often, so let me know where you are!

Handsome Roo

The Ladies

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