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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by rancher hicks, Jul 31, 2011.

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    I read this in the Dec/Jan issue of Mother Earth News and thought some might be interested.

    " PEPPERMINT DISCOURAGES MICE IN WALLS I live in a 102 year old house, on a small acreage, which helps explain why I had a problem with mice in the walls. (It sounded like they were having a party in there!) The young lady that works where I shop said that she had heard from her grandma that all you need are peppermint-soaked cotton balls scattered about, and mice will split! So I placed small, peppermint soaked cotton balls all around he kitchen. I unscrewed two wall plugs and carefully slipped some in behind the sockets and like magic, no more sounds of mice. Twenty four hours latter no sign of the mice at all. "

    Back to me.

    Now I know that my birds when having gotten into my garden ate everything except the "lemon balm". They didn't touch it. So I thought that perhaps if one was to grow peppermint in the garden or near the coop this might deter mice. I suppose there are lots of ways to administer this technique to prevent mice in and around the coop or in the garden for that matter. I don't know about the cotton balls cuz the birds might mistake this for bits of bread. But if you soaked a cloth or something like that and then stuffed it under or around the coop that this would work just as well. You also might make a spray and spray that around.

    I also know that when I chew a piece of peppermint gum it opens my sinuses real well so I expect it can't hurt the birds in that respect. Of course I suppose reapplying the oil to the cloth would be a must.

    I hope this inspires some to give it a try if you have problem with mice.

    Wish you all the best,

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    Thanks! I didn't know about this, but checked for other posts & there are several. My coop is elevated, so no problem there. But storage areas for feed are a possible attraction are for infestation. This is great info!

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