Solution to chicks scattering feed and wet sawdust!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by moonflowerfarms, Apr 1, 2012.

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    I was having a terrible time with my chicks scattering their feed. I had the feeder hanging, and moved it up as they grew. But this last week it was getting ridiculous. I saw another forum post suggesting to just let them clean it up off of the floor. But it was all mixed in with the sawdust, and they couldn't get it separated. I was thinking of how to catch all of that food so that they could eat it. So I found the biggest plate that I had to put under a flower pot and put it under the feeder. Problem solved! I do have to de-poop it once a day, but that's better than loosing half of my feed on the floor. And the girls love to perch on the edge while the eat. Then they get to scratch in it to eat, too. They like that.

    An idea I found on here for the waterer is a great one, I thought I would put it on here too. Get an old cookie sheet to put under the water. That way when they splash it the water it doesn't get the sawdust wet. Then, as they grow, move it up on blocks or another pot water catcher so that it doesn't get totally filled with sawdust and poop (even though there still will be a little). I hope this can help other new chicken parents! If anyone else has good ideas on these problems, please pass them along.

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    Great post ! [​IMG]
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    Great Idea! [​IMG]

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