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I think I am in need of some advice, We have 8 chickens no roosters, I have a Brown leghorn (doesn’t like people has always wanted to be left alone) She is about 9 months old. When we first got her in August she laid 6 eggs a week. About 2 months ago now she dropped down to 1 maybe 2 a week, but usually only 1. It got cold here less light the works. I did add supplemental lighting around that time that comes on at 3 am, but it never seemed to matter to her.

The last two days it has been in the 20’s and 30’s here (cold for us) and this morning around 8 am when I went out to check on the ladies she was still up on her roost. I did take some treats out there and she jumped down and attempted to grab something that was eventually stolen from her. Then she walked back into the coop where I watched her eat some of their feed all by herself.

I don’t know if I should be worried or not? I do add ACV to their water, the get Oyster shells and DE in their feed as well as all over the roosts and the dust bath the nesting boxes pretty much anywhere I can sprinkle it. Any thoughts or ideas?? Could she just be cold and smarter than the other gals that she is staying in until it warms up a bit?? She is not shivering or anything just hanging out by herself. And normally she is with the group.

Here is my live cam if you want to see what they are doing.

[FONT=tahoma, sans-serif]Thanks so much, Tracy in WA[/FONT]
Hmmmmm...the only thing that comes to mind right off the bat is worms? Has she been wormed recently? Does sound like she's feeling a bit under the weather. She may NEED the extra warmth if she's not up to par. My Australorps haven't laid in over 2 months - but my leghorns are laying like crazy - and I don't have any artificial lighting.
She could have gone through a slow molt, resulting in a longer period of no/reduced eggs. My older girls haven't laid since late October, and one of my 11 mo. olds has been in shut down for about a month now.
Since she's not laying right now anyhow, you could worm her (because there is a suggested egg withdrawl period when worming) just in case. But I'm betting it's just a combination of the days, weather, and not being a social bird...and possible molt issues. Some molting is barely noticeable....
Well she is outside running around again like normal. I am starting to think that she is just really smart for a chicken and was having nothing to do with the frost and cold that was outside her coop this morning. I have seen her grab a piece of meat that was part of a treat and run with it back into the coop so she can eat it in peace, because everyone else stayed out in the run and chased each other around for what they had. And she is the hardest chicken to catch EVER!!! LOL

I think I am going to just keep an eye on her and see what develops, we are supposed to get snow here in a couple days so that should add to the fun I am sure.

Thanks for the help, Tracy in WA

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