Some call duck questions


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Aug 7, 2007
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I am not getting to much help with searching on call ducks. I am looking for information on making a homemade nest for call ducks. What do i use and how to go about it?Also what age do they normally start laying. Do they sit on their eggs?Or do i need a incubator. I am getting a pair of show quality whites. I want to make sure i do things right as i do want some babies.Any pic would be great.


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Jun 29, 2007
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Mine pretty much make a nest wherever they want......and then proceed to lay their eggs willy-nilly all over the pen. Mine are good broody's and have much better luck hatching out the ducklings than I do in an incubator. They start to lay in the early spring. Mine just started in the last couple of weeks. Age wise they'll start laying the first spring after they're hatched.


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Mar 20, 2008
mine first lay eggs all over like katy,s. Then in about a week or two she will lay all the eggs in a nest. Last year she used a nest box with hay in it1x1ft with 4inch high sides. I put cedar branches over differrent boxes and ground cover in my pens so my ducks can hide and feel safe.This year she just made her own nest from the hay scattered under the branches.You should give them at least 2 nest sites per can make the box out of 3/4 plywood or as easy as setting 4 little logs 3to6 inches around in a square on the ground with hay or pine straw inside.Your calls probably sit for you. BTW my grey calls are the first to start laying out of all my other ducks.Usually I dont pick up the scattered eggs at the beginning but this year I did because my son said why not(The calls are his favorites)4 eggs and while Im typing ones pipping and peeping right now,guess he showed me!
good luck calls are beautiful,fun,and easy!


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Apr 11, 2007
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Mine began laying the last week of February. They have a small nest box i made them out of plywood. They normally use that, but not every time. Supposedly, white calls are not known for being good broodies, grey calls are however. I have 8 call duck eggs in the incubator right now, the rest of them I will give to my cochin hens. I'd recommend letting your chicken hens hatch and raise them if possible.

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