Some chicks received are different than packing list


11 Years
Aug 25, 2008
Peoria, IL
I received an order of chicks from McMurray on Monday. The packing list inside the box showed what we ordered (34 chicks) plus the free rare/exotic and 2 additional 'free' chicks for a total of 37. A note inside the box said that a replacement had to be made, and they substituted 4 white orpingtons for 3 New Hampshires. We didn't order any New Hampshires, so we assumed that 3 different chicks were substituted. The substitution raised our total to 38 chicks. Our package arrived with 36 chicks, and one was dead. We were missing 4 leghorns that where shown on the packing list and the free rare/exotic.

I have 35 healthy chicks, which is exactly what I expected. A few of them are not the breeds that I originally ordered, but the replacements were good alternates. We did have a difficult time figuring out which chicks we received, since the packing list didn't match. I have nothing bad to say about McMurray, but I'm curious if anybody else has had this happen, and is it common?
I havent gotten my order yet (first time I have ordered any chicks) but I selected "No Substitutes" on my order. I wouldnt be upset if I got more than I ordered, but if I didnt get what I did order and they sent something else I probably would be a little upset.
When we called in our order we told them two breeds that were ok to substitute if any of our order couldn't be filled. They used one of the breeds that we approved, so we were ok with the change. My only issue was that they said they sent one thing, and we actually received something different.
McMurray is a huge hatchery. With any big business, things get screwed up sometimes. If you are happy with what you got then just keep them. If you are upset about anything you didn't get, call McMurray up. They are very nice and really do everything they can to keep their customers happy. They will even replace or reimburse you for the chick that died if within the first (I think it's) 2 days.

They are a great company and the order I made last spring came through just fine with a few additional chicks. Even though they included extras they reimbursed us for the one we lost in shipping and one that died later that day. I would definitely order from them again if I ever need that many chicks at once again!


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