Some issues w/ incubator w/in first 7 days, then put under a broody


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Nov 30, 2007
San Martin, Ca
I have some eggs that are under a broody that are supposedly on Day 19, and no pips yet. I originally had these eggs in a incubator for about 7 days. I had some issues w/ the incubator and wasn't sure if temp was high enough. As soon as hen went broody eggs went under her. I candled eggs last night and was able to see veins in some, and movement in others. I know it's only Day 19, but at what day should I start to worry at?

I am wondering if the eggs might take more than the 21 days due to the incubator not being up at a high enough temp in the beginning. Have other's experienced this. I just hope I get something that hatches out of this batch.



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Jan 11, 2007
Bryant Alabama
On day 19 it is usually difficult to see anything except a large dark blob. Veins are easily visable early on but as the chick grows it becomes difficult to see the veins. If you are seeing them still I doubt that the chicks have developed.

If you see movement without moving the egg then you must have chicks developing. There should be an Air Cell that takes up about 1/4 of the egg. The remainder should be dark. Many hatches are sucessful even up to day 24, If you know there were problems early on. Give it at least 24 days possibly longer.

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