Some more pullets!!


Jul 23, 2019
We were looking to get just a few more pullets for our group since the eggs are selling great, and we have our own farmer’s market so by the time it opens...we’ll really be selling!! So I found some on the internet...actually from the same lady we bought our Nigerian Dwarf buck goat from. Now, yes, he was a pain in the bum, but, it wasn’t her fault...he was an excellent line and a great looker..and she has a really nice farm. So, I called her up, and made a great deal on 8 pullets, black sexlinks and RIR...they are already laying.they are nice and big...good looking birds. Already got them in quarantine...on dewormer, the whole bit...but, I don’t think I have much to worry about..her coop was super nice and clean. Plus, we’re almost done with the coop renovation and now it has two full sized doors...heaven! The pullets we already have are starting to lay now and we’re even getting blue eggs from the EE my hubby picked out! So, that’s my random rambling for the day...hope everyone has a great day...enjoy your flock!!
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