Some nice roos need homes

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    I have some boys needing new homes. Buddy is a salmon fav/lav orp cross, 5 months old. Shy towards people, a little aggressive toward my other boys. Big and gorgeous, 5 toes and feathered legs, no muff/beard.

    Elvis - iridescent black roo with silver lace in hackles. May carry OE genes. Salmon fav/black Ameraucana cross. 4 months old. Clean, dark legs with 4 toes and pea comb, nice muffs/beard. Very nice, friendly bird. I really like him.

    Blue Copper French Marans - 15 months old, a little people shy, will come up for treats and give them to the girls! Easy on the girls, good for a small flock or a home with small children. Needs to be the only roo - he's easily bullied by others, not a fighter....

    All these guys are from show stock, not barnyard birds or hatcheries. I have so many boys right now, and I think I'd like to focus on Salmon Favs.

    I have 3 other young boys, BCFM/Ameraucana crosses. May be good for eating, if not for a flock of EEs.

    Fees negotiable for flock homes. Will also consider meeting to deliver...
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