some of my BLRW babies :-)


10 Years
Aug 25, 2009
Quebec, Canada
I just love these little buggers - so pretty, friendly and fun!

This is Lola, she is 10 or 11 weeks old now:

Ti-Lou is a boy from the same hatch, he is soooo sweet:

Another boy from the same hatch, not as friendly but better-looking (will probably rehome him):

A 7 or 8 week-old girl, or what I hope is a girl! Not yet named...

A tiny shy splash (also 7 or 8 weeks old), the debate is on as to the sex of this one... any guesses?

And finally, the oddball of the group, Scarlet (7 or 8 weeks old): her parents are correctly-marked so not sure what happened here!

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