Some of my cochins

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12 Years
Apr 24, 2007
North Florida
Here are some of my standard cochins. I ordered them from Sandhill. I was told I wouldn't regret waiting all winter for them and they were right.
heres Jitterbug she 24 weeks old

heres Shimmer hes only 17 weeks old

heres Dutch my biggest rooster hes 24 weeks

heres Marshmellow hes 17 weeks old

and heres Doodle she is also 24 weeks. Camera battery died so I couldnt get the rest.
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I know Sunangel I really ordered them for my granddaughter because I heard they were calm. but i have taken them over I ordered orpingtons for myself and I love them also but theres just something about those fat fuzzy butts lol
I won't get my Buff Orps til next Spring. I can't wait!! After all the bragging people do about them on here, I have really wanted some.

But in the meantime, I have a Buff Cochin that is big and fluffy and just had to have more colors! They are so huggable
I know what you mean I have a buff also he is 24 weeks old. When he arrived he was so tiny we thought he was a banty. We had to constantly pick him up because he would get run over. He was the boss for awhile but now dutch has taken over. By the way Dutch crowed for the first time today. He has a really long crow lol. I have several Orps. I wanted blues and splashs. But when they started growing I have two blue hens, one black, one white and a beautiful white rooster. I also have buffs but they are younger. When I saw Speckledhens rooster Swede I had to have some. Now I still really like them but I think the White are really pretty too.
Omgosh, some of the Orps people post on here are gorgeous!

Its bad enough to want one of almost each breed, but then add in one of each color of some of these breeds, I need 100 acres for chickens lol.
Hubby jokes that I have a chicken compound going on.

I started with a coop and run for the chickens. Added a duck house and run to the end of that. Then a Bantam coop and run off one side. I have a small coop to build for my broodies with a little run for them. Then I think I am done. Its been a busy 5 months lol. I think I can fit a few more in also, but not the 10-14 breeds left on my want list. So guess I will be waiting to get those.

I love your Jitterbug, she is beautiful. I hope to have one that color too!
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Thanks I think shes really pretty. She has a beautiful green and blue sheen to her. I know what you mean about more coops. We i mean my son just finished a very large coop its 12 x 22 He made it into three separate coops and runs. It took him 2 months . If I ask him to build another one I think I would get shot, lol He really did a beautiful job. its completely predator proof. He has already had to add a small run onto the back. I really want a breeding pen on the othr side butI'm bidding my time before I ask.

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