Some of my cotournix have cloudy eyes.


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7 Years
Nov 8, 2012
Hi just as the title says. They are kept off the ground. I hatched them at my home. I have 3 different hatches. The first 2 hatches seem fine. I have about 50 birds and they are a year old. About 1/3 are blind. Have looked everywhere for any info. They are not vaccinated. I did feed them with medicated chick starter as chicks, but that is for coccidiosis. I also had them on all flock starter at 28% protein which they are still on. They are 1 yrs old. Mareks keeps popping up. I have seen studies that cots can get it, however cannot find anywhere that anyone vaccinated for it. I eat my quail and their eggs. I am temped to do a mass cull and hatch out some more. I figured I could look for pale, dis colored viscera and tumors then. I guess I can call merial (or other vaccine makers) if they have studied quail in any of their tests. Perplexed...researched a vet in the area that deals with livestock.
So treated with Terramycin ointment...has improved, will try some rooster booster 3 way wormer. Said it can be used on quail. Yay me!

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