Some people should not have animals... :(


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Nov 17, 2010
A chicken was abandoned by our trashy neighbors when they abandoned their house. I say trashy becuase it matches the state of their yard! These are the same people who tied their puppy to a trampoline where it hung itself...luckily I saw it and my other neighbor rescued the puppy. I have a good relationship with Animal Control...they are frequent visitors to the trash house regarding the dogs and cats....but nobody seemed to care about the chicken.

They had many chickens over the years. All have been killed by skunks or their own dogs...once the family dog killed 6 or so when they tied the dog to the chicken pen and left the door partially open.

I was so happy when I found out they were leaving. I knew they would abandon the sole surving chicken so I asked another neighbor to offer to take it and then give it me. They did!

Some people should not have animals. The poor chicken is emaciated. Instead of a plump breast she has an upside down meat. Her legs are like spindles and her head looks too big for her body. The worst part is that she only has one, maybe two claws left. The rest have been lost to frostbite along with most of each toe. So that is why she is starving in the summer...can't dig for food and nobody feeds her.

I renamed the chicken Lucky...Lucky to be alive.

Any suggestions on what else I can do to help fatten her up would be welcome!!!!! I am feeding her layer crumbles, calcium, grit and mixed garden veggys. She is in a small pen in my main coop until she gets a bit fatter and my other girls ignore her. My concern is with her crop possibly getting impacted. It just looks SO huge now. She is so hungry and except to roost last night seems to just be shoveling the food in. Kind of like the horse I rescued from an auction eight years ago. He stood there for 3 days and ate hay....didn't want to move, just wanted to stand there and eat hay.

I would post a picture but I am still out of power from Irene and just have limited things running with our tiny generator.



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Jun 25, 2011
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I would say give her scrambled eggs, and mix some yogurt with her crumbles. Soften everything up so she doesn't get impacted.maybe massage her crop occasionally to break up any clogs.


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Dec 13, 2010
Add some probiotics for gut health and let that girl eat to her heart's content! You might offer some scrambled egg, too, for feather and muscle development. And of course, lots of cuddles...


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Aug 6, 2011
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I'd give her grower/finisher feed, along with yogurts, plain applesauces, scrambled eggs, dry meal worms.. Since she can't scratch, gonna have to make sure she can always get feed now easy, but I think you already know that otherwise you wouldn't have rescued her thru your neighbor. You sure are the angel to that hen... Hope she fattens up and is happy soon.


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Jan 1, 2011
High protein diet time! Instead of focusing on how much you can get her to eat, focus on nutrient density, and what she needs is protein right now. Scrambled eggs, shredded meat (no seasonings), cat food, and maybe some gamebird feed. I'd probably throw some vitamins in her water as well.
Keep an eye on her crop, in case it doesn't change size, but if she's getting more of the nutrients she's craving, she won't need to eat as much.

I'd be a little nervous having her in with my girls (I can go overboard with quarantining), but since she's from next door, it probably isn't too risky. Keep an eye on everybody just to be sure, they definitely don't seem like the type to care if their hen had something contagious.

Good job rescuing her! It sounds like you and the neighbor had a bad relationship (since someone else had to talk to them), but thanks for not letting that get in the way of what really matters- that poor hen!


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May 19, 2008
East Bethel MN
Good for you for rescuing her! I would have done the same thing! High protein diet for sure, after she gets used to eating for about a week I would worm her. Make sure she has no bugs too and if so treat accordingly. Most importantly QUARENTINE!


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Jan 4, 2010
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What a kind soul you are, that chicken is VERY lucky!

So sorry to hear you don't have power yet! I'm in southern Maine and we just got our power back Tuesday and I thought that was bad. Good luck with your little generator and I hope you have power soon!


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Mar 11, 2011
Good on you, Lucky was certainly "lucky" to have you for a neighbor! Do post some pictures when you have the capability and opportunity, it would be great to compare before and after shots once Lucky's health is restored.

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