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It's so frustrating to me when someone complains and complains and complains about their situation, but does nothing about it to make life better for themselves. I hate it even more when you make helpful suggestions to that person and all they do is make up excuses as to why they can't do that. I realize sometimes there really are deep holes that are difficult to get out of, but if you are going to complain that you have no money and can't find a job, definitely don't tell me you turned down job offers IN TOWN because they were "below you". Ugh, some people.

My Ex husband used to say "offer/create solutions or you are just complaining about things, and I don't want to hear it."
So, I packed my stuff and got out.

I am also frustrated with "some people".....
This week I am that "some people", so I'm setting the plan in motion to pack my stuff and get out. (I have a job I hate.)

You could always offer up my ex husband's line, just be careful ..... you never know what you are going to get!

Happy new Year

Care to explain how you've come to this conclusion? It's quite the indictment don't you think?

As for the OP, perhaps you can tell the person who is complaining the truth. It may be hard but sometimes you just gotta do what's right. One this is sure, don't help them, let them "own it". (the consequence of turning down a job)

In the 70's I couldn't GET a job, and I once had to eat at the Rescue Mission. I moved to another city and when I did get a job, I worked any hours I could get. Times are tougher now than then but you do what you have to (any job) to survive. As long as it's legal of course and morally decent. There's no excuse for doing anything illegal.

No job is below you if your hungry enough,

I have a friend like that. All she does is complain about how she doesn't have enough money, how she needs to make more money, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Then she tells me I don't understand her situation because I have a good job. I told her the reason I have a good job now is because I didn't sit around and whine about it when my last good job went to Mexico. For over 2 yrs I worked 72 + hours a week AND carried 3 classes at the college! I WORKED for what I have! Then she says I know but I have a kid. My reply was "So what, that makes you disabled"? They have these wonderful things called baby sitters. It's really neat you take your kid over there, hand them some money and Voila' you can go do what you need to do! She always has an excuse as to why she can't do something. I would love to hear her come up with an excuse as to why she CAN do something. Sometimes they need the cold hard truth without the candy coating.
I don't really talk to this person enough to tell them much face to face. It just so happens that this is a smallll town and I am involved in an activity that this person also does. A lady who I have worked for in the past and am also very good friends with often tells me stories about people in town that she is trying to help out. She's got a huge heart and has been trying to help this person out but sometimes they just have to figure it out for themselves, which is what I told her. Lately, this particular person has been complaining about no money to pay for antibiotics, yet somehow has enough money for a gym membership. I recommended to this person on facebook (after they publicly complained) that they should look into one of the free clinics we have in our area for the medicine. It is only about a half hour away and I'm sure someone would be willing to give them a ride. Heck, even if you have to trade some yard/house work for a ride there are ways to get it!

Like Rancher said, if you need money that bad, no job is below you. I've been able to make some pretty good money just helping people around the house, watching animals and pets, babysitting, etc. It may be difficult for a little while, but doing little things like that would be better than sitting around complaining to everyone in town!
I hear what you are saying.

Even worse is when they fly into a temper tantrum and call you names for offering advice that they asked for in the first place.

Some will come in and whine about how badly it hurts when they hit themselves repeatedly in the head with a hammer. If you tell them to stop hitting themselves and it will stop hurting, they call you mean. Then 3-4 other people will jump in and call you mean, unsympathetic, and jealous because you don't own a hammer (?????).

So some general advice: if you don't want advice, don't ask for it. If you want sympathy, state very clearly that you don't want advice, all you want is sympathy.

Lots of people set themselves up in bad situations for no other reason than they want a lot of drama in their lives. They have deliberately put themselves in an uncomfortable position and they are enjoying it and do not want to know how to make it stop. There are plenty of that type person on public forums. They enjoy wallowing in their own misery.
Did is person actually say they didn't want the job because it's beneathe them or is it assumed that the job was refused because of that? I know that some people turn jobs down because they don't think they can do it or have underlying health issues that others might not know about, etc and the job might make them sick. Or they have other hang-ups such as kids schedules, caring for someone at home, etc.

If they actually said they wouldn't take the job because it was beneath them, then that's pretty pathetic.
They've said on multiple occasions that it is beneath them. They had worked at the one place before and they won't go back now because since then they had had a higher paying job.

My suggestion for people is to apply at the local Walmart. They are usually looking for people during this time of year and their starting pay is pretty decent. They CAN be frustrating to work for, but it was regular work and it paid the bills (with a little bit left over). Unfortunately, in this area if you don't have the money to pay for a car, your options become very, very limited. Most everything is about a half hour drive away.

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