Some pictures of my beloved chickens and a bit of their story <3


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May 31, 2016
Michigan (By The Thumb)
So my quick story is about my 10 chickens.

I started off my flock with 6 chicks from tractor supply. 3 were White Leghorns and 3 were Red sex links.
Here's a picture of them as babies. It's in black and white so you can see it easier because of the heat lamp.

As time went on they they got older, we ended up losing 2 of the leghorns to predators..

Here is a picture of the last White Leghorn left. She is quite the goofball and loves to annoy me but is a great chicken :)

After 2 years of having the girls we decided to get them a rooster :)
Here he is. PRINCE !

We were told he was an Americana but you guys have told me hes a Production Quality Faverolle ! Regardless, he is a wonderful Rooster. The girls took to him right away !

After having him for about a month I decided to hatch some of their eggs. I ended up hatching out 4 of the original 9 eggs. We sold all of them except this gorgeous colored chick we named Bruno.

Bruno has ended up being a Rooster but we still love him nonetheless.
During the time I first started incubating Bruno and his buddies, my Hen decided to go broody and I gave her 10 eggs to sit on. After 3 long weeks, 7 of them hatched ! We only kept one we named Penguin, again, for his beautiful markings.
Here is a picture of him and his mom, Crumbs the Red Sex Link.

We ended up having a lot of complications with Crumbs and her chick and decided it'd be best if we just put Penguin with Bruno as Bruno was so very lonley. They absolutely loved eachother and have been inseperable since.
Here is a picture of them. The one was supposed to just be a shot of Penguin and ended up being photobombed by Bruno.

We figured momma hen would hopefully forget about the baby and continue of doing as a chicken does. Well, that was not the case at all ! As soon as she could, she got back on that nest and sat on some eggs. We decided we've give her another chance and bought 5 eggs for her. 3 silkie eggs and 2 Cochin eggs. 1 wasn't fertile and 1 ended up dying early on. She of course sat on them immediately and did so for 3 more weeks ! Crazy chicken. 3 babies ended up hatching and here is a picture of 2 of them, and then a picture of mom with her third one.

She is the best momma to her chicks and it has been such a beautiful journey watching her grow up and raise her own brood.

Thanks for reading !!

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