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    I would like to purchase some emu s but got some questions to ask. Can you keep emu s with other poultry, what is the minimum size avairy requiredments what did you feed them and are they aggresive birds during breeding season.

  2. This is what I know
    I don't think they can be with other poultry, and if they are they have to be raised with them
    They need at least 3 acres or 5 acres (Forget)
    And I believe they are aggressive during breeding season

    Best of luck :]
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    Hi, De Wet!

    Tee hee, we love these questions. More knowledgeable readers – those with pet birds – will chime in:

    Lots of space. Absolutely as much as you can provide. If you have to think about it, you don’t have enough. Emus in the wild roam over great distances. It's the difference between a decade of the companionship of happy healthy birds, and sad smelly neurotic birds.

    No, they aren’t aggressive during mating-season. Hardly ever, really. (Ostriches are.)

    Their basic diet will be a store-bought mix. Have a cruise through the threads below – ‘Looking for Emu Gender Info’ is one – and you’ll find a chart. Google ‘Swarbrick Emu Husbandry Guidelines’ for info. Further back in the threads, you’ll a find a pdf on emu husbandry.

    Otherwise, roughage in the form of growed-from-the-ground grass or vegies like silverbeet, and treats like a handful of sultanas.

    Apparently emus get on well with other critters in accordance with how long they’ve been together. Raised together from chicks, the lion will lie down with the lamb. However, it ain’t necessarily so that you can just bung a couple of new emoos in with your flock. It’s one time that they can be aggressive – a.k.a. stomp things to death.

    Now, don’t misunderstand the following:

    ‘cause we love emus, we bluntly point out to people how big a project emus can be: I’ve mentioned fences – there just can’t be skimping there. They require inoculations if they are not on their home continent. Veterinary care is no mean feat for a bird over six feet tall. They live for twenty years or more in captivity. They have almost no concept of personal space if they are really tame, and will follow you around, pecking at shiny things.

    Having said that, I think they are just the best pets, exotic and endlessly amusing.

    Supreme Emu
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    Good questions De Wet, but there are no definite sure fire answers. Emus can often times be kept with other poultry, especially when they are brought up together or introduced to a pen which already is the home of the other poultry. Emus will often reject or act aggressive to other poultry that are brought in to a pen that the emus have already established as their territory or personal space. You cannot have an emu pen that is too big!, most of the literature regarding commercially-raised emus suggest a pen that is a minimum of 120' in length. Emus, like ostriches, are runners and can run 30 mph, taking strides up to 9', so they need adequate space to exercise. Most emus in captivity are fed a commercial ratite feed, with a 20% protein level as chicks, 16-17% protein as young adults, and a 15% as adults. They often forage on a variety of grasses and greenery, and enjoy fresh vegetable and fruits, especially grapes. 6' tall fencing is the general recommendation for an emu enclosure. Emus can be aggressive to other birds during the breeding season but are not generally aggressive to humans A male will remain protective of its young. Everybody does it a little different, but this is what works for me.
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    Jan 15, 2012
    My guy Gerry isn't aggressive toward my chickens per say, he does chase them but he doesn't do anything when he catches them, he just enjoys the chase and if he runs them into a corner he'll stand and wait for them to run off again. The chickens don't much appreciate it of course. He'll do the same thing with the dogs, though the dogs actually have fun being chased.
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  7. De Wet

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    thanks for the feedback friends
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    I am becoming proud of us in respect of our attitude to the size of pens. It’s easy to imagine me upsetting people: ‘my’ birds have a million square miles to run about in; and yours don’t. But BYC people have consistently plugged for ‘as much space as is possible.’ Yay, go us!!

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    Nov 6, 2012
    England UK
    Hi De Wet
    Any chance getting some eggs now ? or is it out of season in your country ? It's great fun to rear your own ,
    more info to follow soon.

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    Nov 6, 2012
    England UK

    Do you watch your Gerry all the time in daylight ??
    I would never put Emus with poultry..........again lol poor souls.

    I had a giant Maran Hen with a Japanese copper / black Frizzle boy, kept both left overs from hatches, but company for each other....and 1 big brown egg daily from Mary.
    It was their playground for over 1 year, till the 3 older Emu chicks arrived...good thing both could fly, lol not funny...the Emus chased them all over thinking they were fluffy little playthings and Poultry only need a few long runs and they can actually die of exhaustion, specially at such speed ..... and then some BIG feet get to them, corner them and off again.

    Not recommended at all. If you have no separate space, don't get any, not fair.
    My golden retriever x collie Girl would not go near them since they were about 6 months old, since they pecked her tail lol and yet she loves all my other Animlas spends hours in Rhea fields, sniffing out things like rabbits, rats etc.

    How would you like to be chased by a vicious Elephant, even 10 min.....lonnnng 10 min.....and no escape ?
    That's only my version , but experience.


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