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5 Years
Feb 21, 2014
I have a few questions for anyone who is up for helping out a new duck owner. I've been looking for answers all over the place, but can't seem to find a solid answer. Sorry if some of these have obvious answers or are just stupid/silly, I'm just trying to sort out some things that have been puzzling me. I can get better/more photos if needed or wanted.

1. What age are ducklings first fully feathered by (not counting wings)? I've seen answer to this that vary from a few weeks to several months, it a bit confusing since they are about 5.5 weeks (estimating by weight when I got them, approx 2 oz on 3-17) and are nearly fully feathered (their wings are still starting to come in, but the rest of them are nearly entirely feathered). Are they right on track, feathering early, or is my estimate on their age just off? If it helps they are 2 rouens (assuming they are rouens since they had the right colored baby fluff and that they are now about 2.5lbs and still growing), a khaki campbell (I think), and 2 that I don't know but are the same size as the rouens.

2. Is is possible for a drake to have his first feathers (very first set after baby fluff) look like normal drake plumage? I have 1 female and 1 male rouen (been quacking/honking and raspy for about a week now), the female is getting what looks like (according to web searches) a normal first set, but my drake already has the white band (had it since I got him at a few days old actually), mostly black/real dark everywhere else, growing in white on the wings (they are just starting to feather), greyish cream chest/belly, and has dark metallic green coming in on top of his head. If it helps he also started with a flesh tone bill speckled with black rather then the normal solid black bill. Everything I've read has said that males first set is supposed to look just like that of the females, are the exceptions or is my drake just doing things his own way? And if I am wrong on this being a drake, then that's fine, these are my first ducks ever so I'm learning as I go.
Here is the drake at about a a week old (a bit blurry, but the ring is still visible)
and at about 5 weeks old (it shows the green coming in on his head and the white in his wings). You can see my other rouen (female) here for comparison (my supposed khaki and lighter mystery duck are also there). Another view of the female on the far right. Both photos of the female are at about 4.5 weeks old.

3. Been trying to figure out what 2 of my ducks are. Was told they were pekin when I got them, but it very soon became obvious they weren't (not a problem since I wasn't set on pekins anyway). They have grey-ish bills, their feathers are mostly a dusty tan with a white throat/bib and white on the back of their heads. one is a warmer tone then the other who is quite pale. Here is a photo of the darker one from April 5th (fairly recent photo) . If they are a cross that's fine, I'd just like some idea on what they could be. All my ducks came from TSC if that helps.

Here is another photo that has both the drake and the darker of the unknown ducks They are just over 4 weeks here.

Some of the photos may be a bit iffy, my camera seems to be hit and miss most of the time for decent photos.
The one you mention as ancona actually matches all the info I've seen for magpie (full black back and black on the head) better then what I've seen for ancona which, if I remember correctly, is more splotches then magpie. I'll see about comparing to the blue swedish, although when I got the 2 mystery breed ducks they were pretty much entirely yellow/white. Aren't blue swedish ducklings a grey with a yellow bib for baby down?
I don't have aconas or magpies but I think they can look similar so it could be either. Yes my blue Swedish is gray with a white bib and she is baby but that's the color she is so I don't know.
A wild mallard generally fledges at 42-50 days. Larger breeds, like rouens grow slower. My guess from the pic of your roeun drake is that it is a drake, but not a pure rouen.


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