some quick questions on new chicks...

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by tygab, May 22, 2008.

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    ok maybe a few more... chicks are now 3 days old (1 day at home).

    1. can you make any inferences about chick markings and feathering later on? I have EEs that I'm asking about...

    2. they are discovering pine shavings under the toweling, and I'm just watching them, should I stop them or just let them get pre-exposed to the shavings (was planning only on another day or so before they are on them anyway)

    3. one has a sort of foamy looking poo, but otherwise seems good, is this ok?

    and lastly

    4. some minor pecking going on, but I figure they are just sorting themselves out... can they hurt each other at this point?

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    1. In my experience, EEs can really change from chick markings to adult coloring. Of a whole bunch that looked basically the same, one turned out silver-white, one blonde, and two a copper/blue mix with black heads. All those babies had the typical chipmunk look! Only the one who was mostly black ended up feathering in mostly black.

    2. Lots of folks do it your way with no trouble. I usually have JUST paper towels for the first 3-4 days, but you're probably fine.

    3. Unless the poo is foamy all the time, don't worry about it. Stress can cause that, or sometimes it just happens. If it's constantly really runny/foamy, it would be cause for concern, IMHO.

    4. At that age, they're pecking everything to see if it's food. Ooooh, that toe looks like a nice worm! Is that shiny thing an eye or a juicey beetle? What do your feathers taste like?........ Unless they are pecking out feathers to the point of drawing blood (which shouldn't happen if the temps, lightbulb color [red], feed, and size of brooder are all OK) I wouldn't worry.

    Have fun!!!

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