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i hatched 2 silkie ameraucanas in august. they both had feathered feet, and small silkie crests. one had 5 toes and the other had vulture hocks haha so cute. good luck with yours
Very Very dark. gypsy faced (the black face of Sumatras) with fibromelanosis (dark meat of Silkies) makes really dark birds.
Get pics for us, those sound nice! I mentioned in another post that if someone wanted to breed a really dark longtail chicken I may be able to help them in the right direction with a bird or two.
I asked that once, and someone told me it would look like a chicken!!

You never really know with genetics... I hope you'll post photos, though, so we can all see your babies!
You can know.
If the silkie and the sumatra are both pure, then they will have
one copy of "hookless" and be normally feathered,
white earlobes from the silkie, since that is pretty dominant,
strawberry comb,...(the earlobes will not actually be white due to the combination of yellow skin and dark facial skin pigment (from the sumatra.)
basically one copy for each gene that works on each parent, speaking only to phenotype.
They hens will be really dark. The roosters will be nearly black, all over their whole body. They will have extra toes, or most of them anyways.

Hey what color is the (feathering) of the silkie?

forgot to say, they should have pretty long saddles and tails since the silkies usually dont have any saddle restrictor genes.
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wclarence one of my slikie roos is red the other is red with gray or blue tail end. I think the red one is going to be the one as he is the alpha roo. Checked egg about an hour ago and one has a small hole ( is that a pip?)

will post pics tomorrow if they are hatched I can't wait to see how they turn out.

We have a silkie x legg horn. Hatched Thanksgiving He looks like a white leghorn with 5 feathered feet has a small puff with the silike ear flaps he has some reddish spotting all over. We call him chicken little. If he is not sitting on the nest with his silkie mom he is running around like crazy.
Interesting that he has 5 feathered feet. lol. just kidding.

Sounds like may be a partridge ( the silke rooster).
anyways I am pretty sure these chicks should be black.
I am so excited about these chicks!
They will be sooooo dark as adults, you should refine them by breeding the best siblings together, then crossing back to a sumatra, and making a really really dark longtail.

Ready for pics!

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