Someone here could use some help.

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    Hello BYC'ers
    A dear friend to me, <3Chickenforever could use some lifting up. I will not go into detail, but i will say that she is having some downers. This is a chance to help someone out who needs help. Anything nice could help! Just a little nice note can help more than you think.
    Please help her out!
    And also, if you talk to her, don't say something like "Hey, i heard your having troubles" She dosen't need reminders! [​IMG]

    Thanks for your help,
    ChickenPeep [​IMG]
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    She seems to be posting just fine but sorry that she is upset about her friend. I don't go over to her Games threads, sorry about that. It would be different if I was a teenager! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hope she gets to feel better. Holiday blues sometimes get the best of people, including best friends!
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