Someone please help....losing chickens!


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Aug 3, 2012
I don't know what's happening!! My chickens have all been healthy til now. A few months ago noticed one of my rir girls acting lethargic. She got really bad...gave her some vitamins/electrolytes ...she pulled threw although she hasn't laid an egg in a couple months and still doesn't act completely right. Well about a month ago found a dead chicken in the coop. Wasn't sure what happened...wasn't that concerned at first. Then a couple days ago found another dead chicken....then this morning another!! Noticed my rooster is walking funny....very slow..wobbly. The others seem fine right now. What is killing them so fast??? What do I need to do? I'm so confused!
Botulism? Cocci? or food poisoning?
don't know what happened to them, but just can give them some vitamins.
hope someone can come up with better diagnosis.
Dust for mite/lice with poultry dust, even if you can't see them. Go to TSC and get some Safeguard for goats and give .5cc/kg orally, not in water. Use a 1cc syringe and follow these direction in this link:
Do not use a 3cc syringe! It's too big for chickens.

You should probably also treat for coccidiosis, so while you're at TSC, buy some Corid (amprolium).
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