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    Jan 1, 2008
    I do not panic easily but this has got me very upset. Please tell me what this is, and please only if you know I would appreciate it.

    I just went to p/u an egg from my RIR, my finger went through it, and it was all bloody water that came out. I put it in a container and it was very stinky, it was laid outside the nest so I do not know how long it was there. There is a yellow yolk as usual, but there is something that I would swear was an embryo (of course it is not since I do not have roosters). This thing is about one inch and perfectly round, it is purpleish black and I could see veins in it. There is a thing coming out like one of the twisties.
    I never had this happen I just want to know if one is sick. They do not appear to be sick looking at them. One has a little diahrrea but that is not that unusual. thank you for any help.
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    Early eggs can be small.

    If you don't know how long it lay around, it could have been laid normally and simply spoiled sitting out.

    What do the rest of the eggs look like?

  3. Churkenduse

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    Jan 1, 2008
    They only laid a few since then and they all look fine. Tthis one was laid during sleeping time it looks like it fell right to the ground under the roost. I was just worried about the hen since they are getting old. 6y/o
    I missed it since it is on the other side of the coop.
    It is very wierd. It actually looks like a chick inside but of course that is impossible.
    Thanks I guess it is one of those mysteries of life, lol

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